Public DMPs

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Project Title  Template  Organisation Owner Download
Correlating LA Museum Visitors to Crimes in LA Horizon 2020 DMP Universitaet Wien - University of Vienna (Austria) Hasan Alkhatib (new window) Opens in new window
Copy of Predicting and preventing death from uveal melanoma Swedish Research Council Template Karolinska Institutet Gustav Stålhammar (new window) Opens in new window
Copy of Evaluation of the additional effect of continuous ultrasound bladder monitoring in urotherapy for children with functional daytime urinary incontinence. The SENS-U trail Data management ZonMw-template 2019 UMC Utrecht Anka Nieuwhof-Leppink (new window) Opens in new window
Converting supplementary info of 10.1021/acsnano.8b07562 into FAIR data Horizon 2020 DMP Other Egon Willighagen (new window) Opens in new window
CONTEXTUALLY SELF-ORGANISING MAPS FOR DRIVING RISK AVOIDANCE University of Strathclyde University of Strathclyde Aswin Vijayakumar (new window) Opens in new window
Contemporary twin block appliance wear protocols: A survey of UK orthodontists University of Manchester Generic Template University of Manchester QUEENIE ONG (new window) Opens in new window
Computer-aided design, selection and optimisation of multi-enzyme biocatalytic processes for predictive industrial biomanufacturing BBSRC Template University of Manchester Will Finnigan (new window) Opens in new window
Comparison of oncological and surgical outcomes between formal pancreatic resections and parenchyma-sparing resections for small PanNETs (< 2 cm) DCC Template University of Southampton Lulu Tanno (new window) Opens in new window
Comparison of divorce rate between Austria and the EU DCC Template Other Martin Pichler (new window) Opens in new window
Comparing the effectiveness of side-lying sleep positioning to back-lying at reducing oxygen desaturation resulting from Sleep Disordered Breathing in infants with cleft palate DCC Template University of Manchester Aleksandra Metryka (new window) Opens in new window